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How To Start The New Year Off Properly

I love the holiday season! There is no shortage of food, family, and fun.  In fact, those three usually come in excess this time of year.  The aftermath of the holidays tend to cause an increase in two things: waistlines and gym memberships.  Even the most dedicated athletes can put on a few pounds.

So, how do you start the New Year off properly?  Here are some tips:

  1. Download the Full Throttle WOD app, and upgrade to Premium!  
    • Our Premium upgrade will give you daily strength programming, daily WOD programming, and daily computer generated WODs.  Three great options for you to make the most of your workout day.
    • Our Premium upgrade also provides you the ability to track all of your maxes, and you can add your own custom maxes.  Then our app will use your max lifts to auto-populate the correct weight into your custom strength workout.
  2. Ease into the new year.
    • Too many athletes begin the year too fast in order to make up for missed workouts.  
    • Over training leads to injury, fatigue, plateaus, and several other issues.  Ultimately causing set-backs in your fitness.
  3. Know your limits.
    • Push yourself while protecting yourself.
    • Live to lift another day!
  4. Take a “Rest Day”…seriously!
    • Rest days are critical…your body needs time to heal.
    • Too many of us go in on our rest days committed to just working on a skill for a few minutes or doing some mobility work.  Thirty minutes of muscle-ups later our rest day is no longer, and our shoulders are shot.
  5. Goals are crucial.
    • Set personal goals like max PR’s, or benchmark WOD PR’s.
    • Set a distant goal with a fixed end date, like running a half marathon, triathlon, an obstacle course run, or competing in a local weightlifting event.

Follow these tips, and make 2017 your best year ever!  Cheers!

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