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Meet Full Throttle WOD Founder & L2 Fitness Coach, Todd Gabriel

What inspired you to create Full Throttle WOD?

I knew there were a lot of people (myself included) searching for effective WODs outside of a traditional box. There needed to be a way that someone with coaching experience could provide a program that was similar, but didn’t come with a large price tag.

When creating Full Throttle WOD, I had everyone from military personnel to those who are simply curious about starting a WOD program in mind. Full Throttle WOD has also proven to be a great workout companion for users who travel often, and is easily used by athletes of all skill levels.


In your own words, describe the Full Throttle WOD app.

The Full Throttle WOD app provides a daily workout that guarantees users will never get the same workout twice in a row. To make sure this is the case, we created a 100% custom algorithm that is exclusive to Full Throttle WOD. Users have the ability to save their favorite workouts, create their own box that friends and family can join, or post their WOD time to our global leaderboard. Our leaderboard allows users to compare scores with other athletes across the world and follow the action in real-time!


Did you have a fitness background leading up the creation of the app?

I have been passionate about (and involved with) fitness nearly my entire life. In high school, I received some rather poor coaching, so during my time in the Marine Corps I began researching different training methods. Following my time in the military, I ran track for my college team, where I was exposed to high level Olympic lifting and strength training. The combination of all of these experiences eventually led to me getting my L1 and L2 training certificates through CrossFit Inc. I eventually became a high school strength coach, bringing my experience full-circle, where I always work hard to put relentless emphasis on proper form and technique.


You mentioned that you are an L2 fitness coach, what motivated you to take your training to that next level?

When I first began training, I encountered plenty of coaches with their L1 certification that either had no business coaching or they had a hard time properly programming an effective workout. To separate myself from this crowd, I knew I needed to take the next step in certification. These same issues are also what motivated me to create the Full Throttle WOD app.


In your opinion what is the most important aspect about fitness?

Honestly, enjoying life outside of fitness. I think we can all agree that staying in shape is important, but I also like to put an emphasis on balance outside of the box or gym. There’s no doubt that being strong and fit enables me to participate in many of my favorite activities, while also preparing me for the unknown. Unfortunately, I have seen many people so focused on fitness that they don’t take the time to enjoy all of the other amazing things that life has to offer.


Putting fitness aside, describe yourself.

In short, I’m a fun-loving family man, with a bit of an edge. My time in the Marine Corps alongside a strong faith is what gives me the extra push to go out and get after my goals. I strongly believe that God didn’t put us on earth to be ordinary.


In your opinion, what makes the WOD style of fitness the best option for people looking to get or stay healthy?

For me, it’s the fact that WODs or HIIT style workouts are based on natural compound movements that are dynamic, as opposed to the static routines that don’t offer much variety. WOD’s combine weights, gymnastics, and intense cardio all while racing against the clock. This allows athletes to measure their progress, engage in healthy competition, and allows them to push their workout to a higher level. WODs by nature are high intensity for a short time period, allowing us to get a vigorous workout in without taking up as much of our valuable time.


What advice would you give someone who is interested in Full Throttle WOD, but hasn’t tried this style of fitness before?

First of all, I would encourage them to try the Full Throttle WOD app! It is highly effective for people on all levels of the fitness spectrum. From there, I would encourage them to reach out to us with any questions about the movements or the app that they may have. We can be reached at

In terms of using the app, I would suggest that they scale down in weight and pace themselves to start. Always prioritize in this order: technique, consistency, then and only then, intensity.