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Top 10 Workout Songs – My Attempt at Narrowing Down My Playlist

Top 10 Workout Songs – My Attempt at Narrowing Down My Playlist

All athletes and lifters aspire to be the best.  In order to achieve this there are some things that must be taken seriously: equipment, technique, consistency, nutrition, passion, and of course a great playlist.

I own a pretty extensive library of songs.  Everything from Classical to Classic Rock, Funk to Christian Rock, and Heavy Metal to Easy Listening.  However, for intense workouts, I favor intense music.  And although I listen to hundreds of different songs while working out, my resolve is to narrow it down to just 10.  In order to do this I will have to take some painful steps and leave out some all-time favorites from the likes of AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Van Halen, Tesla, Skid Row, Kansas, and more.

Here is my top 10 (with some additional recommendations):

  1. Atlas, Rise! By Metallica.  Metallica die-hards will probably take issue with this, due to it being a new release.  Truth is I could fill a top 20 list with all Metallica songs and be rather content. Other often played favorites include: …and Justice For All, The Frayed Ends of Sanity, Blitzkrieg, Breadfan, King Nothing, Of Wolf and Man, Suicide & Redemption, and many more.
  2. Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold.  Feels a bit like Metallica…probably why it made the list.
  3. Stricken by Disturbed.  I can’t get enough of the riffs by these guys.  Other Disturbed songs that routinely make the playlist are: Indestructible and The Light.
  4. Wash It All Away by Five Finger Death Punch.  First, let’s celebrate the name of the band.  How great is that?  I love the versatility in the vocals, and the lyrics.  You may also enjoy                     I Apologize.
  5. Up and Away by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.  This is a great song with a great beat.  The lyrics alone will put you in a great mood every time.
  6. Torn by Creed.  This song begins on the slow side, but kicks into high gear with powerful riffs and lyrics.  Truth is, I’m down with just about any Creed song for any occasion.
  7. The State of Massachusetts by Dropkick Murphys.  You may also enjoy one of their more popular songs,  Shipping Up To Boston.  If you have a kilt, wear it!  Not only will this song inspire you to get in touch with your Celtic side, heavy squats are much easier in a kilt.
  8. Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine.  As always with RATM this song has an intense blend of rap, rock and funk.  Plus, it is one of the few clean RATM songs.  Other RATM songs I routinely play are Down on the Street, and Wake Up.
  9. Forty Six & 2 by Tool.  This song is said to be about having an additional 2 chromosomes to achieve a higher state of being.  An ultra-human if you will.  Another song that starts out a little slow.  However, it builds to an intense anthem that inspires me to lift extremely heavy things.  With a song this intense, who needs an extra 2 chromosomes to achieve greatness?  Isn’t this why we workout in the first place?
  10. Doc Holliday by Volbeat.  This Danish metal band out of Copenhagen will leave you wanting more.  Very intense riffs from these guys.  You may also want to check out Goodbye Forever.

Everyone has different opinions on what constitutes great workout music. In fact, my wife would not agree with a single song on this list.  And that is exactly what makes playlists so great – they are all different. Let’s embrace our differences.  Don’t be afraid to try new genres.  In fact, my best Fran time was achieved while listening to my daughter’s One Direction playlist.  Go figure.

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