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Best WOD App – 5 Reasons You Need To Download The Full Throttle WOD Before Your Next Workout

When I tell people about the Full Throttle WOD WOD app, and explain the features and benefits it provides to nearly every WOD athlete’s workout, one question I often get asked is: “What inspired you to create an app for all this?”

Before I tell you why I created Full Throttle WOD, you should know a bit about who is behind the product. My name is Todd Gabriel and virtually my entire life has been related, in one way or another, to athletics and fitness –– whether it was early on, in youth or high school leagues, or through my more competitive time in college athletics. If you’re anything like me, when it comes to an active lifestyle, you understand the constant search for something that will push you one step further. So, after high school I spent four years in the Marine Corps, before enrolling in college. It was during this time that I eventually began competing in obstacle courses, sprint triathlons and powerlifting competitions. In addition to all of that, I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for high school students and athletes for over 7 years. It is safe to say I can’t get enough. I’ve always loved fitness.

Fast forward a bit, and age happens. At 40, I had a series of injuries due to a combination of both age and (admittedly) over-training for both powerlifting and a triathlon. A younger me could have probably weathered the storm, but invincibility only lasts so long.

Around this time, I was introduced to WOD. I immediately fell in love with everything about the sport and began the process of becoming a certified WOD coach.

In my next blog, I will go into further detail about my life-changing transition from traditional workouts to WOD (stay tuned!), but it’s no exaggeration: WOD truly changed––and possibly saved––my life.

In 2013, I became a L2 WOD coach and transitioned my high school strength training program to WOD. The stage was set for Full Throttle WOD.

Full Throttle WOD was created because I saw a need within the WOD community that wasn’t being met. WOD is often exceptional at meeting needs inside the box, but rarely reaches outside the box. The following list will explain the 5 key voids that I saw within the sport of WOD, and how the Full Throttle WOD WOD app will fill them before your next workout.

    1. Building (Even More) Community Across All Athletes:  One of my goals as a WOD coach is to spread the word and help people reach their peak strength and fitness levels.  There are millions of athletes worldwide and, while the sport is known for the camaraderie between familiar athletes, the vast majority of us are only acquainted with a handful at our local box.  The Full Throttle WOD app allows you to build a profile, share your WOD scores, challenge friends (or strangers) and view aggregate leaderboards to see where you stack up!  You can even create a virtual box and invite friends and family to join, regardless of where they are. This means the camaraderie is no longer limited by brick and mortar, and is free to spread between friends and family across the United States and around the world. Taking part in the WOD community, competing and encouraging each other and, ultimately, building genuine community is now at the tip of your fingers.
    2. Unparalleled Programming:  Full Throttle WOD can be used by all athletes––even box owners. I have spoken with several WOD coaches, and their number one complaint is how much of their time is consumed by programming. There’s a pride in programming but, believe it or not, coaches often get burnt out by the constant process (I know I do). Many will often take a month or two off and use another coach’s programming. The Full Throttle WOD app doesn’t just throw together workouts. I spent a lot of time creating a one-of-a-kind, proprietary algorithm. It’s never been done and you won’t find it in any other app. My algorithm ensures variety for each user, but not randomness.  Great measures were taken to ensure a variety of exercises, reps, rounds, times and workload in order to increase users work capacity efficiently.
    3. Unaffiliated athletes:  As an L2 WOD coach, I would love to see more boxes popping up in the community with each class maxed-out, but that isn’t realistic. Let’s face it: WOD can be expensive and time-consuming. Many athletes and potential athletes have access to equipment, but may not have the discretionary income or schedule allowing them to regularly get to a local box. I have talked with firefighters and police officers who have equipment, and do “WOD-like” workouts, but don’t have a coach programming WODs for them. Additionally, with a wide range of boxes to choose from, there are countless potential athletes want to try it out for a few months, before committing to a box. This is where Full Throttle WOD shines. The app offers unbiased programming, community-building features, and instructional videos to help anyone, anywhere reach their full potential.
    4. Vacationing athletes:  My wife and I love to travel. As a part of our travels, we love to visit a local WOD box and drop-in for a WOD. That said, there are times our schedule forces us to drop-in during open gym time, or we have to use the fitness center at the hotel––hoping there is more than a dusty elliptical machine in a closet sized room. For those who can relate, the Full Throttle WOD app serves up a win. Not only does the app generate a fantastic WOD every day, but users can “favorite” past WODs and re-do them anytime (for example, on vacation). This comes in extremely handy when equipment is limited. Simply scroll through your favorite WODs and pick one that matches the equipment you have available, or scale a WOD to match. Think of it this way: At less than one dollar, you can buy the ultimate WOD app (and an unlimited future of WODs) at least 20 times, for the same cost of what a single “drop-in” would cost you.
    5. Affiliated athletes, Looking For Competition: The key to improvement is consistency and intensity. One without the other will fall short. We all know the box is a great place to get your competitive juices flowing. However, sometimes setting the bar at being the ‘best of the box’ for a time slot just isn’t setting the bar high enough. What if your competition wasn’t limited to those that happened to show up to the same room on any given day. What if your competition for a WOD was a pool of friends, family––even strangers, all over the planet? What if you could earn points by winning challenges or lose valuable points if you fall short. WOD athletes are taking part in this exact situation right now in Full Throttle WOD. I can tell you from personal experience and am willing to bet that you can relate: When I participate in a challenge WOD, I push myself like I’m competing in The Open.

As someone who is extremely passionate about WOD and the community, camaraderie and betterment it brings, I genuinely believe the Full Throttle WOD WOD app is exceptional, and believe our members are too.

Head to Apple’s App Store and download Full Throttle WOD right now. Remember: Don’t settle for ordinary; strive to be extraordinary.  We’ll see you on the leaderboards!

Stay tuned for my next article, “How WOD Changed and Possibly Saved My Life.”

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